5 Benefits of Investing in Queue Marketing for Your Business

Queue Marketing for Business

Are you dreaming of marketing your products and services to new and existing customers? Only to see your genius-conjured ideas go up in smoke because of budget constraints? Well, on-hold queue marketing could just be the genie in the bottle that you have been wishing for! Queue marketing is a cost-effective strategy that not only allows you to speak one-on-one to your clients, it also offers you complete control over your message, whether it is to inform your caller about your products, services, and promotions or industry tips and information. Here are 5 of the benefits of an effective queue marketing strategy for your business:

  • No More Hang-Ups

    Grab your caller’s interest – and they will stay on the line! Keep your queue marketing exciting by mixing it up: combine music and messages, even male and female voices. The result will be a reduction in hang-ups, and an increase in sales; at the very least happy and content callers.

  • Sales, Sales…and More Sales!

    Did anybody say “sales”? Use the queue marketing opportunity provided by the call handling service to “cross-sell” and “up-sell” your products, services, and promotions while callers are waiting in the queue. After all, you have one of the hottest leads on the phone – a customer who reached out to you! Utilize it effectively!

  • Send Them Surfing

    In an era known for multi-tasking, it is very likely that your callers will be sitting in front of a computer when calling. So, send them to your website! (Which, of course, is user-friendly and attention-grabbing, right?) Here they can learn more about your brand, services, products, and promotions while they wait. Who knows, they might even buy something! If not, at the very least your website should inform them of your locations & opening hours.

  • Customer is King

    Happy wife, happy home, right? Well, how about “happy call-experience, happy customer”! Your on-hold queue marketing strategy must ensure callers know that their time, patience and custom is valued. A pleasant greeting and professionally recorded messages – all designed to entertain and inform your caller – will go a long way in ensuring you have a happy, satisfied customer.

  • Less Stress

    Often, the on-hold message will answer a caller’s query even before they are connected to an agent. Or, at least, direct them to other suitable points of contact. The result should be obvious – less stress on your human resources; enabling them to deliver better service to your valuable customers.

Why Choose On-Hold Technologies?

A customized queue marketing program offers you the singular chance of speaking one-on-one to a captive audience. Capitalize on this golden opportunity by letting On-Hold Technologies turn your humdrum hold time into cost-effective queue marketing time! Contact us today to learn more about our queue marketing and on-hold advertising solutions.

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