5 Reasons to Partner with Us – Music On-Hold System and Call Handling

on hold music for business

The use of queue marketing techniques allows companies to market and promote their products or services to customers around the world. We look at the reasons why you should use On-Hold Technologies for your music on hold system and call handling.

Best Advertising with Our On-Hold Messaging Services

On-hold messaging is a marketing tool to sell more products to existing clients or to market your business to potential clients. An on-hold message of 15-seconds that plays when your customer or prospect calls you can direct your customer to a particular product and convince them to invest in your business.

A Wide Selection of On Hold Music for Call Handling

Radio stations may contain ads, topics or music that your clients may not like. The use of on-hold music can appeal to a broad audience. On-Hold Technology has licensed music that suits every genre that plays for 4 minutes and changes continuously throughout the day. Genres can be mixed together, or you can even create a custom music selection for your brand. You can also remotely control the music choice, which is ideal for multi-location sites.

On-Hold System Music in Compliance with Standards and Laws

Not all music can be used for your music on hold system. Save time and legal fees by using a preselected range of music that is in compliance with US copyright laws. On-Hold Technologies also ensures that offensive lyrics are removed from the songs making it appropriate for a business or non-adult setting.

Professionally Recorded Auto Attendant Phone System

You can enhance your image by having your voicemail and auto attendant recorded – using professional voices. This allows you to give your business hours, location, and specials automatically and promotes your company while saving you time. Make a good impression by choosing audio branding specialists, so that customers receive assistance in the shortest amount of time.

Guaranteed High-Quality and Convenient Call Handling Services

Not every business has access to a business phone. On-Hold Technologies can provide services that work from an office superstore or online if a business phone is not available. This makes it convenient for a variety of stores and services. Demo samples are also offered as well as a consultation, so that you are able to which demo works for your company before you purchase it.

Contact On-hold Technologies today for more information on our music on hold system for your call handling needs.

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