Multi-Lingual On-Hold Messaging – Building Your Brand Across the Language Barrier

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On hold messaging is an ideal form of queue marketing that companies use to market their products and services to customers around the world. On-Hold Technologies shows you how multi-lingual on-hold messaging can help you to build your brand across the language barrier.

The Importance of Queue Marketing

Have you ever purchased a product that was being marketed to you while you were waiting in a queue? Queue marketing is an excellent way to appeal to customers who are already in a buying mood. It is a good way to tempt them with more impulse buys.

On-Hold Messaging Services

On-hold messages are essential marketing tools to sell more products to existing clients or to market your business to potential clients. On-hold messaging is a 15-second message that plays when your customer or prospect calls you. The message can direct your customer to a particular product that you want to sell or convince them to invest in your business.

Building Your Brand with Multi-Lingual On-Hold Messaging Services

 Queue marketing with on-hold messaging companies assists clients in obtaining more sales because the caller hears the message, but still has the option to bypass it. Multi-lingual on-hold messaging allows companies to market their businesses across the world in the languages that are popularly understood in each respective country. It also helps companies that operate outside native English-speaking countries to appeal to international English-speaking clients worldwide. Multi-lingual messages can be played in different languages over the phone to promote restaurant services, increase the distribution of your company’s products, provide retail offers or to offer service inquiries. Music can be added to add extra marketing appeal.

On-hold Technologies has large, multi-location clients and produces on-hold message recordings in many different languages. With our extensive contacts around the world, we can create productions in any language for your business. The audio can be adjusted remotely with our special IP-based players making it easier and cost effective. Contact On-hold Technologies today for more information on our multi-lingual on-hold messaging services.

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