Pricing of on hold music and messages and audio recordings

What’s the price? Many companies in this industry will just quote you a price without asking relevant questions, hoping to come in the cheapest. If you truly appreciate the value of on-hold advertising, want the best marketing results possible and the most pleasant customer experience, one size does not fit all. There are a variety of factors to consider:

How long should my recording be?

  • How long is the typical caller on hold?
  • If they’re on hold longer than your typical caller, how long might that be? When a caller hears the same message they heard when they were first placed on hold, the first thing that goes through their mind is: “I’ve been on hold forever.”
  • Will the on-hold message unicast or multicast (start at the beginning each time or start in a different paragraph)?

How often should I have the message updated?

  • How often do the same customers call?
  • How often do you introduce new products?
  • Are your services seasonal or change with calendar quarters?
  • Do you have upcoming special events, trade shows or holidays?
  • Do you have off-season or holiday promotions?
  • Would you like to create a warm-and-fuzzy relationship with a holiday recording that will enhance customer retention efforts?

We have numerous affordable plans available. Call 800-599-8119 and we’ll find one that’s within your budget and consistent with your marketing goals.


  • " You have always been diligent about reminding us to change the recordings so that we don’t have to remember it and, also, so that we get our money’s worth. "

  • " I thought only the big companies could afford this type of system, but thankfully, I was wrong. The benefits far outweigh the cost! "