Tips for Finding the Best On-Hold Messaging Voice for Your Brand

Voice Recording for Message on Hold

Often, the first contact a client has with your company is through its on-hold message. The tone of the on-hold messaging voice, as well as the tempo, volume, and style of reading will all affect the customer’s perception of your brand. It is so important to get this right, that it is not uncommon for the big brands to do market research to test the customer’s response to a variety of voices.

To find the perfect voice talent for your brand you need to consider the following:

  • Battle of The Sexes

    Unless your brand is targeting one of the sexes exclusively, there is not an obvious “best” option. Usually, your industry will determine which voice may work better. Generally, female voices, being more “comforting”, are used for “soft sell” messages. Male voices, being more “authoritative”, are better suited to technical and informative messages. Why not consider a “truce” between the sexes by making use of both male and female voices – just to keep the message more interesting and engaging?

  • Age

    The on-hold voice must match the general image of the company. An established and conservative company catering for over-50s would hardly use an on-hold messaging voice belonging to a person in their early-20s that uses slang and informal speech: a more “mature” voice would be called for.

  • Tone

    Adopt a tone and style that is 100% consistent with your brand. An exciting and adventurous, yet knowledgeable tone would be suitable for an on-the-edge digital marketing company. On the other hand, a voice evoking care, understanding and empathy would be more suitable for a hospice.

  • Accent

    The key is to choose a voice that fits the customer’s expectations. While neutral accents do lend themselves to national and international companies, a clearly regional voice may sometimes be more appropriate.

  • Lo Entiendes?

    It is advisable when opening offices in an overseas market to appear to have a local presence. Although English is widely spoken in most countries, it won’t have the same effect as the local tongue.

  • Professional vs In-House

    Perhaps using the voice of a long-serving receptionist who is already known to customers may seem like an affordable solution. However, choosing a voice actor that will be available in the future whenever you want to update your messages, is a better option.

Why Choose On-Hold Technologies?

The on-hold messaging voice you choose to represent your company must reinforce your brand and how it relates to your industry and your market. It can be a tough call to make. If you need advice on voices, from the tone, accent or gender, discuss it with the professional team at On-Hold Technologies. We have one of the widest ranges of voice talent and will be only too happy to assist you with this important choice.

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