What Do the Best Call Handling Services Have to Offer?

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Your on-hold callers are a captive audience, offering you an opportunity to provide them with meaningful information about your products or services. If executed properly, on-hold messaging can be an extremely productive form of marketing. The secret is to find a call handling services provider that understands your individual market. They should be able to offer the following:

  • Reinforce Your Brand

    The on-hold message delivered by your auto attendant professional recording call handling service should maintain the image your company wishes to project.

  • Support Marketing Initiatives

    On-hold messages should be consistent with marketing content, online content and social media messages.

  • Promote and Cross-Sell

    A good on-hold message will describe various other products and services that the caller might be interested in; creating more opportunities to buy from your company.

  • Call to Action

    The on-hold message must prompt the caller to act, whether it’s purchasing a product or looking online for more information.

  • Increase Caller Satisfaction

    On-hold messages must be interesting and engaging; it must entertain, uplift, challenge or delight, reduce call abandonment and increase overall caller satisfaction.

  • “Shorten” Hold Time

    Imagine spending a minute in a dentist’s chair versus a minute at a rock concert. It should be obvious which experience will keep your callers waiting on hold.

  • Regular Updates

    Be relevant – no point to promote a product your company no longer offers in an on-hold message.

  • Geographically Relevant

    Can the call handling service offer you a choice of authentic accents? Hearing a familiar accent on the phone make callers more receptive to your message.

  • Original and Professional

    Expert copywriting, which will include research, writing, and editing, must be a given. This must be backed by a choice of voice talent, professional recording, and mixing of each recorded message.

  • Economy of Words

    Time is of the essence, so good on-hold messages need to be brief, clear, and full of useful content.

  • Tailor Your Message to Your Hold Time

    Your on-hold messages won’t be very effective if customers only hear a portion of them. Professional auto attendant recordings will cater for people on hold and regular callers, so they won’t hear the same thing every time.

  • Custom Demo

    The best call handling services will be able to offer a custom demo, made from scratch and specifically about your business.

  • Licensed Background Music

    A reputable call handling service will have paid for a blanket license that allows all content to be used on your phones.

Why Choose On-Hold Technologies?

It is easy to find call handling service providers that claim to be the best. But, do they boast a proven record of accomplishment? On-Hold Technologies has been in the call handling services industry for over 24 years. Contact us today for more information on auto attendant professional recordings that will bring your brand to life every time a customer call.

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