Call Handling

Call Handler to first answer phone cross sell and gives to time to answer with fewer employees

Call Handling Services

  • Create more time to answer ringing phone lines!
  • Reduce future payroll expenses!
  • Increase cross – selling orders!
  • Present a professional image for your business!
  • Give out hours, location and specials automatically!

Our On-Hold Technologies Call Handling service has been proven to do just that.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • When customers call in, they frequently need just hours, location, or specials.
  • They are immediately given the option of listening to this information or pressing 3 to speak to your staff.
  • If they choose to speak to your staff, your phones will start ringing.
  • While the phones ring, your customers will hear an on-hold recording giving the information you want about your business (i.e. products and services to cross sell, that you appreciate their business, etc.).
  • The phones ring and the customer is on the line until your staff answers the call.


  • Gives you more time to answer the call
  • Reduces the need for additional employees to answer ringing lines
  • Automatically gives your hours, location and specials

It also:

  • Increases sales of cross selling items
  • Creates a professional image for your business
  • Creates an inviting ambiance

Please visit our FAQs page for the script and equipment processes.

Call us at (800) 599-8119 to see how we can help you!

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