Web Audio

Web audio music and messages for websites commercials ad campaigns call to action

Ten seconds.

That isn’t much time, but it’s all you get to convince web browsers to keep reading.

On-Hold Technologies offers an innovative way to capture and keep their attention-web audio.

Integrating audio with a written message will propel your website past the legions of competitors vying for the same audience.

Our company can produce top-quality audio clips that accurately convey the tone of your company. Click into our Audio Gallery and choose from our stable of professional voice talent.

An engaging audio clip increases the likelihood that your message is being absorbed by the browser and instantly lends credibility to your business or organization.

With web audio you can:

  • Thank customers for visiting
  • Call them to action
  • Promote new products
  • Advertise lesser-known products and services
  • Create a web commercial for landing pages
  • Reinforce an ad campaign
  • Promote seasonal events
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