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on hold process

Professional Services Script ideas

on hold process

You don’t need to think about how it’s worded. Our team will develop the script for you. This list may give you some ideas of what you might want to include if your firm, practice, business or organization is in the category of professional services. The process overview is here.
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What makes your practice, firm, business or organization distinctive?

Specific professional staff mentioned, credentials, experience, skillsets

Staff continuing education

Professional and/or practice’s history/involvement in community

General categories of field you perform

Specific categories specialized in or are skilled in

Mention of before and after photos/stories at website

Website address

Ideas from website content

Major clients to mention



Complimentary consultations

Cutting edge technology/innovations

Relaxed office décor

Holistic/natural/patient or client – focused approach


Risk management

Patient/client safety measures in place

Educational information to create interest, enhance image of expertise

Early diagnosis/early action to minimize problems

Regular checkup/scheduling/reviews for adults, children, clients

Wills/power of attorney/legal documents

Personal and professional advantages to specific services performed

Types of damage recovery or injury treatments

Injury treatment strategies and damage recovery strategies


Insurance plans, financing, payments

Client growth and health enrichment strategies

Time limitations – work needing done before specific calendar dates or time periods

Holiday messages

Hours/changes to hours of operation

Helpful tips

Upcoming events, retirements

Upcoming or newly released products

Association or industry awards

Excerpts from newsletters or trade magazines

Directions and landmarks

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